Hot Stone Massage

Hot rock massageBased upon traditional Swedish massage techniques, hot and cold stones are used to massage the client. The Stones may be also be placed in strategic positions on top and beneath the body to create a therapeutic and holistic effect. This will benefit both the area concerned and the person in general. A treatment may be performed over the clients clothes but the temperature of the stones must be higher than normal to accommodate this.


  • Results are achieved more quickly – one stroke of a hot stone is thought to be equivalent to ten manual massage strokes.
  • The stones allow for deeper penetration of pressure and work upon an area. The heat from the stones will cause vasodilation – this in turn will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and speed up the removal of carbon dioxide and waste.
  • Tired aching muscles will be restored to the normal state more readily, as lactic acid elimination is increased.
  • The lymphatic system will be stimulated, increasing its circulation, and thereby aiding the detoxification processes.
  • A state of deep relaxation occurs, as the warmth from the stones soothes nerve endings.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (1 hour) £35.00