Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy massage is a specifically designed massage for women in their third trimester (massage is not advised in the first/second trimester).  It is also beneficial for the baby.  Massage supports the feeling of wellbeing & comfort during this time of great change and can also support preparation for birth. Massage is carried out on a side-lying position on the couch, rather than lying prone (face down) or whichever way feels more comfortable for the client.  Particular issues that a typically common in pregnancy will also be addressed, such as restless legs, swollen ankles and aches in the lower back.

Massage can also be beneficial post pregnancy, as well as giving you some ‘me time’, it promotes muscle healing, spinal alignment, important factors that assist in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

The benefits of pregnancy massage include: Help to increase your energy levels, helping reduce stresses during, and after, your pregnancy, helping to reduce stress on weight-bearing joints – feet and ankles, helps blood circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to mother and baby.

1 hour full body – £35

30 mins back massage – £20